Here are some of my favorite things for dogs.

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These are one of my favorite high value treats.

Another flavor – nom-nom-nom.    

Another great treat for training.     

A great chewing option for puppies and senior dogs.     

These are great for teething puppies.    

The Lickimat bowl is a great enrichment for dogs.

The Lickimat is a great enrichment for dogs.

Another version of the Lickimat.

These bags are re-useable and the perfect size for dog treats.

Gotoobs are my go-to for dogs with a “shark” mouth. 

Viewtainers are my favorite containers for “hiding” dog treats around the house.  

This treat dispenser has numerous applications for training (distance, mat work, etc).  

This single treat dispenser has numerous applications for training.  

A target pole and clicker in one.  So handy!   

This toy is great for teaching a retrieve and training for agility.

A treat dispenser for those super chewers.    

This is a fun treat dispenser.   

Freezing pumpkin, yogurt or baby food in this makes for a long lasting treat for your dog.    

Outward Hound has the best puzzle toys for dogs.    

Most dogs love chasing this toy.  Not made for bigger dogs.    

This harness has two leash attachment points and was rated #1 by Whole Dog Journal.  Ask me about this product!

These are fun to train your dog to push.  You can assign each one as a specific reward that your dog can push to request it.  

These are fun to train your dog to push.  You can record things like – “tug,” “dinner,” “play” and “bed.”  Your dog can push them to tell you what they want.  

RitFit balance pads are great for K9 conditioning exercises.    

Fit Bones are a great way to help keep your canine conditioned. 

This training table from Blue-9 is worth it’s weight in gold. Please ask me about it!   

This ball is for training the “push” in Treibball.